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Data generating possibilities to mitigate risk and drive growth.

Our Purpose

Our Vision

At SCENARIO X, we are leading the charge in revolutionising scenario-based modelling. We want to be the go-to solution for financial institutions seeking to optimise their scenario-based modelling, refine their stress testing capabilities, improve risk management practices, and ultimately drive business success.


To achieve this, we direct our attention to three core areas:

  • Redefining financial modelling and analytical stress testing through the creation of a holistic analytical tool coupled with modular programming tailored to your institutional needs.

  • Empower financial institutions to make informed decisions through the use of a holistic analytical tool designed to meet various regulatory standards and assist Risk Managers in making timely and well-informed decisions.

  • Develop the foundations to a more resilient financial industry by leveraging cutting-edge technology with deep expertise. 

Our Approach

Our all-in-one platform, powered by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, leverages Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms. We offer an innovative approach that not only enriches but also expands scenarios across a wider range of possibilities.

Our central financial analytics solution will feature 15+ interconnected modules, delivering outstanding modelling speed and results across the spectrum of financial, risk, treasury, capital, and liquidity modelling. This comprehensive approach addresses significant gaps in existing Financial Risk Management (FRM) models and enables us to provide our clients with powerful tools and insights that help them make informed decisions, manage risk effectively, and achieve long-term success.

We are redefining financial modelling by creating a holistic integrated platform that leverages the latest technology and data analytics to help banks and other financial institutions optimise their operations and maximise their profitability. With SCENARIO X, you can trust that you are getting cutting-edge financial modelling that delivers results.

Integrated Technology 

Your all-in-one platform

Balance Sheet

Asset, Liability, Capital 

Financial Metrics



Big Data

Automated ETL, Quality check and Validati

Liquidity & Risk Met

Volatility, ECL RWA, NPL, Credit Spread, Liquidity Premuim 

Economic Indicators

Central Banks, Policies, Growth, Inflation, Interest rates

Insights & Actions

Capital ratios, Liquidity ratios, Leverage ratios, Optimisation

Module 1: Scenario Design

Imagine being able to accurately predict crucial macroeconomic indicators such as GDP, unemployment rates, and inflation for any given regulatory stress test or client-designed scenario. Our Scenario Design Module achieves just that, thanks to our state-of-the-art ML algorithm.

Key benefits for customer

​By leveraging this powerful tool, we empower you to perform scenario-based modelling with confidence, with the following key benefits:

  • Wide and in-depth insights

  • Accurate modelling of the Balance Sheet

  • Independent scenario generation

  • Excellent customer experience

  • No criticism from regulators

Module 2: Lombard Lending

The ability to assess the resilience of a Lombard Lending portfolio is critical for any lender. With our innovative module, you can stress test your portfolio against a range of adverse market scenarios to identify potential risks and mitigate them before they materialize. Our tool captures the impact on key performance and risk indicators, both for the loans themselves and the securities pledged as collateral.


Key benefits for customer

By providing you with a clear understanding of your portfolio's strengths and vulnerabilities, we help you make informed decisions that protect your investments and set you up for long-term success key benefits:

  • Monthly modelling of Lombard Lending portfolio

  • Dynamic interaction with client based on scenario's impact

  • More effective action and data-driven decision making

  • Better risk monitoring and estimation

Our Modules


Our Partners

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