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Our Team.

Meet the team behind SCENARIO X

A group of dedicated professionals with a range of diverse backgrounds and expertise. Our team shares a passion for delivering innovative solutions to the financial services industry, and we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to help them achieve their goals. From data scientists to financial analysts, each member of our team brings a unique set of skills and experience to the table. Together, we collaborate to drive excellence and deliver exceptional service to our clients.

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Achille Yomi
Founder & 

Over 17 years of experience in treasury, Risk, and Finance, leading stress testing exercises and delivery with several financial institutions.

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Jonathan S. Amoussou
Co-founder & 

Over 17 years of experience in leading projects and  management in tech. Seasonal entrepreneur with experience in building two IT consulting companies.

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Aurelien Betbeui
Data Analyst

Over 13 years of experience in data modelling, digital transformation, and implementation, including Azure applications, Cloud architecture, and security.

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Gildas Djimadja
Cloud Architect

Over 12 years of experience in SID transformation, data processing, and cloud solution architecture in several sectors, including the Financial Industry.

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Njabulo Mendlula
Head of Marketing

An interdisciplinarian with over 3 years of experience in marketing and brand consulting, with a passion for learning and sharing. 

Our Advisory.

Our advisory team is composed of highly experienced executives with diverse backgrounds in the financial services industry. From banking, risk management, and data analytics to entrepreneurship and legal expertise, our advisors bring a wealth of knowledge and strategic thinking to the table. Their insights help us stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving landscape, allowing us to deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

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Jabu Henson

Founder & Director 
A Better Consultancy

Former COO

World First

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Aijing Liu

Director,  Legal & Counsel  Targray

Head of Legal

Confluence investors

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Henry Banag

Leader Europe

Entreprise and cloud Sales DXC Technology

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Lionel Xavier


Global Head of Analytics for EQUINIX

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Alex Manson

Managing Director

SC ventures


ReadyPlayerMe-Avatar (27).png

Ijeoma Aghanya

Managing Partner

Ajocin Group SA

ReadyPlayerMe-Avatar (29).png

Anil Sethi


Innosuisse Coach

Teacher, ETH Zurich


Our Partners

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